A Shirty Kinda Skirt (tutorial)

Do you have any of these in your wardrobe?

Maybe they’re too big like mine, or too plain, or outdated, or have a small stain on the collar, a slight tear or maybe you’ve lost all your buttons. Well pull it out, it’s remake time!

What You’ll Need:

  • Button-up blouse or shirt
  • Fabric scraps for waist band
  • Button
  • Sewing machine, thread, pins etc

What You’ll Need to Do:

  1. Lay shirt down flat. Pin centre front at top and bottom.
  2. Cut horizontally across just under the sleeves.
  3. Work out where you want your skirt to sit and measure. For me this was just below my waist.
  4. Find a scrap piece of material that is at least [your measurement from step 3 + seam allowance + overlap of your shirt (at the front where the buttons are, mine was 2cm)]cm when folded in half. I made mine longer so I had fabric to work with.
  5. Turn over your seam allowance and iron.
  6. Now you need to work on the width of your skirt. The easiest way to do this is to try it on inside out. Hold it where you want it to sit and mark out where you need to take it in with pins. It’s better to make it too big and readjust than to make it too small and have to start again! Sew and trim off any excess.
  7. Pin the right side of the waist band to the wrong side of your skirt, making sure to leave seam allowance at both ends. Sew.
  8. Fold your waist band over so that right sides are together. Put some pins in either end. This is hard to explain, see the picture for more detail. The pins are in blue. Your sewing line is in yellow. Sew.
  9. Turn waist band right sides out. Pin to waist band/skirt seam allowance so that the allowance is fully enclosed. Sew.
  10. Almost done! Now you just need to add your button and button hole. See your sewing machine manual on how to do this for your machine.

And you’re done!

I’m impressed with how well this turned out. Such an easy little summer skirt. It took me an afternoon to put together, but that included many interruptions from my darlings and a dying camera battery which constantly needed recharging!

I kind of make things up as I go along with these kind of projects, it’s not an exact science! So if you have any questions about anything please feel free to leave a comment.

I actually tried it on as a top which has given me an idea for my next sewing project. Stay tuned!


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