The Blue Tube

(Originally posted on my other blog)


I know. I know. Why am I turning a maternity top into something else? Most people search through blogs for tutorials on how to make maternity clothes, not refashion them! Just look at this top and you’ll find your answer:

Yep…that’s why. It’s HUGE, probably about 4 sizes too big and even at my heaviest it sat quite poorly around my arms and shoulders. I also had this scarf given to me. It’s cute, but I’m not much of an accessory wearer, I hate feeling claustrophobic in my clothes! So I had this super quick refashion in mind which, miraculously, all went to plan! (I usually overlook something really important when it comes to ‘quick’ refashions!)

What You’ll Need:

  • Large top
  • Scarf or scrap fabric in long strips
  • Overlocker, thread, pins etc

What You’ll Need to Do:

  1. Turn your top inside out. Pin along the sides so your top stays together once you’ve cut off the seams. Cut outwards and downwards from just inside the shoulder seam.
  2. Fold your top in half, lining up the neck facing. Cut down the other side. Then cut straight across the top to remove the neck facing.
  3. Sew your seams using an overlocker or zig zag stitch. Start from the bottom so that the factory edges line up < something I overlooked>.
  4. Try on your top and workout where you want your bow. I wanted mine off-centre. I tied it up and worked out where I wanted it to start. Pin scarf and top, right sides together, on one side only – just one pin.
  5. Sew, stretching out your top as you go. If you don’t do this it won’t stretch out later unless your scarf is stretchy too!



This was a super quick refashion. I was hoping it would be long enough as a dress, but it wasn’t :(

What do you think of this one?


What Do You Think? (I love feedback!)

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