A New Blue Top (tutorial)

(Originally posted on my other blog)

It’s raining here and the kidlets are asleep. I have nothing to but housework and sewing. Sewing trumps housework today. It’s Friday and I have an event on Sunday that requires a new outfit. It’s a ‘colour’ party and everyone is supposed to rock up wearing an aqua/turquoise blue. The only thing I have in that colour is a 1×0.6m rectangle of fabric. Hmmm…

Remember this skirt I made a few days ago? I said it had given me an idea for another project? Well here goes!

What You’ll Need:

  • Blouse
  • Extra fabric
  • Sewing machine, pins, thread, buttons etc

What You’ll Need to Do:

  1. Fold your blouse in half and cut across at an angle to remove sleeves.
  2. Open out and fold again so side seams are on top of one another. Remove some of the back. See picture for clearer explanation.
  3. Try your top on to see if and where it needs to be taken in. Mine needed a dart in the centre back and two darts either side of the bodice. The easiest way to mark these is by wearing your top inside-out.
  4. Take off and make sure darts are even before sewing them.
  5. Make a band for your top. You’ll need a piece of fabric that goes around your bust comfortably, or sew strips together to achieve this. Fold over and iron your seam allowance along one edge. Pin the right side of the other edge to the wrong side of your top. Sew.
  6. Fold your band down and pin at the ends. Sew the sides. Trim. See step 8 here for more detail.
  7. Turn band right side out. Pin folded edge to the seam allowance, fully enclosing it. Sew.
  8. Add buttons. I took the old ones off and replaced them with blue ones.
  9. Now for the straps. Work out roughly how long they need to be by draping fabric over your shoulder. Fold your fabric over and cut your strap. Use the first strap as a template to cut the second.
  10. Pin right sides together and sew.
  11. Don’t forget to notch! Turn strap right way out and iron.
  12. Grab a friend to help you work out where your straps need to be positioned before sewing them on.

And you’re done! How exciting! I’m thinking of adding some embellishments, maybe a flower or try my hand at some reverse appliqué. I’ll let you know how that goes!

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