The Playful Playsuit

(Originally posted on my other blog)

I don’t think I’ve ever done a pants refashion before! So this one is just a little bit exciting!

I was cleaning out my wardrobe on Monday and found this pair of pants I wore after my first pregnancy. They’re huge and they have orange, rust-looking stains on the back – meaning: they’ll never be useful again and too dodgy for the Op Shop.

I decided to have a crack at making a playsuit  It was some what ambitious of me, having never done either a pants refashion or constructed a play suit before. But how hard could it be, right? Turns out not very hard at all! The result?

I like it! It’s cute, playful and really practical! It’s really comfortable too! I’ve filed this one under maternity as I think a similar pattern (made from old trackies or t-shirts) would be so perfect for a summer pregnancy. Just some elastic gathers down the side and press studs at the front (for easy bathroom breaks) and viola!

I’m very impressed. I used most of the garment, emitting only the rusted yoke and adding only a 10cm x 114cm rectangle of the red spotty fabric and a mismatch of black buttons I’d been hoarding. It took a while to complete (for a refashion), I started Tuesday afternoon and finished it moments ago. 2 days. Ok, so maybe it didn’t take that long…it felt like it though!

I think one of the best aspects of the refashion was that it gave me a few ideas for other pants refashions in the future for all the rest of the ‘fat pants’ in my wardrobe! Stay tuned for those ones!

Just two small side notes: 1) That lovely tan line you see on my back? That’s from getting sunburnt in my previous refashion: Blouse to Top and 2) I’m not pregnant, I have a really bloated stomach today, just like a dead cow :S !!

…I think it needs a belt?


2 thoughts on “The Playful Playsuit

    • Oh so sorry, I thought I replied to this ages ago. For some reason I need to go into a post to reply, can’t do it from the notification up the top of the page 😦 Yes, I used the legs to make the top part as they were nice and wide. I think the pants were a size 16 AND they had wide legs so there was plenty of fabric to work with 🙂

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