A Funky New Bag

(Originally posted on my other blog)

I’ve made bags before and I’ve made shorts before (pyjama shorts with two seams count, right?) but I’ve never attempted making a bag from a pair of shorts.

***Brief interlude: I just realised I’ve been spelling pajamas (American) instead of pyjamas (other English). Devs!***

I’ve got my SIL’s (that’s sister-in-law) 21st this weekend. She’s a fashion designer so something quirky was always going to be on the cards for a gift, when I saw this which totally got the creative juices flowing.

I wrote a post about a month ago saying I had a big pile of clothes in my wardrobe stashed away for refashion/repurpose projects?! I’ve managed to cut that down a fair bit over the last month…then I found some more! Whoops! In there were these pair of pants.

They’d already been unpicked when I needed the zip about two years ago for this nappy bag I made a friend for her baby shower.
Nappy Bag - Outer

The pants were going to produce the perfect-sized bag, which meant I didn’t need to pull apart the waistband or anything crazy like that. I unpicked the inner leg and crotch seams and trimmed off the curve (any of you who have made pants before know what I’m talking about) – and this was the only material I had left over come completion!

Then I sewed the fronts together and the backs together, much like you would when converting pants to a skirt. After that it was all really straight forward!
skirt front

skirt back

I had a feeling I was going to find this one a bit hard to part with, so I added a big ‘C’ using reverse appliqué  First time I’ve ever attempted it and I’ll definitely be doing it again!

Love this bag! So happy I have other ‘fat pants’ in my wardrobe to convert!


side1   side2


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