I was reading about an Ooops the other day and today I had my own. The local Salvo’s store had a half price day today… do I even need to say more? I went in on Wednesday and left empty handed when I saw the notice that on Friday everything would be half price. I’d picked out a few things and all but one were still there today. BIG SMILES! The only thing I missed was a large lace curtain with a beautiful edge which I had hoped to refashion into a skirt with a gorgeous deep blue underlay…

I think the most exciting find of the day was a tub of zips, all different colours, sizes and types; all new and for a fraction of the cost they are in Spotlight. I’ve made dresses before with fabric at $2m then had to pay more than that just for a zip! I’ll definitely be back for some of those when the need arises!

3 x jumpers (view completed projects here and here)


2 x skirts (view completed project here)




So these will be added to the refashion stash. I have something in mind for each piece. Stay tuned…

(I really need to learn to sew faster than I shop!)


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