Denim Maxi – A Jeans Refashion

Finally, a finished refashion project! It’s been a while!

I’ve had this old pair of jeans in the refashion box for a few years now. The bottoms were frayed up to 2 inches in parts and the crotch was wearing a bit thin between the thighs…they needed some serious surgery! When I stumbled across this on PinInterest I knew I had found the way to make these wearable again.


I found some gorgeous fabric reduced from $40/m to $15/m and it was love at first sight!

Maxi Skirt

I didn’t take any progress pics as the camera battery was on the charger. Here’s the finished product.



…and the back



I’m super happy with the end result. It wears better on me than it does on the dress form. Having thighs draws the dress out wider and the front fabric is more visible.

There’s a few more years left in the old jeans now!


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