Asymmetrical Top

After the success of my last refashion (getting compliments from random people as well as from people who know I make my own clothes), I thought I’d jump straight into another! I did a bit of a stock take of my jumper draw – I found about 6 tops that are in serious need of some help! Mots of them turtlenecks, I HATE turtlenecks. Not even sure how I have come to have so many…

So I started with


I turned it sideways and cut off a sleeve. This is the new neckline.


Then I cut off the other sleeve and straight across to the old bottom. If you do it neatly the first time you won’t have to re cut it, like I did!


Then I sewed up the ribbed part. This then becomes a sleeve.


Remember the sleeves I cut off? They form the bottom of the new top. Just chop off the ends…


…and the old seams and you should have two rectangles.


Join the ends together to form a circle.


Fold it in half, right sides OUT… and pin it to the base of your top.


Sew it on.

I hemmed the neckline with a zigzag stitch. I’m not happy with it, I don’t like that it stretched giving me a shell edging (of sorts). Then I just did some long stitches up the side to close in the sleeve a little (it kind of sits funny if you don’t)…

And that’s it!


…and from the side


I’m lovin’ it already! I think I’ll wear it tonight to my singing lesson 🙂

I wish I could claim this as an original idea…I can’t. I saw a video tutorial somewhere at sometime, not sure where or when or who it was by.

Any suggestions how to finish the neck without that edging?


What Do You Think? (I love feedback!)

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