Bow Top

I’m not feeling very creative with naming things at the moment 😦

I bought a top (second hand) the other day. It was really plain, too big and poorly made. It needed some lovin’!

I was inspired by this top of my daughter’s (which I retrieved from the dirty washing basket to photograph):


So maybe ‘inspired’ was the wrong word…it’s a total knockoff!

So I chopped off the bottom binding (is that what you call it?), took it in at the sides and made the arm holes smaller. I trimmed the old stitching off the sleeves, but otherwise left them the same width.


I sewed some gathering stitches to fit the big sleeve to the smaller arm hole…


…pinned and sewed….


…to get this:


I had to trim the bottom binding, you can see in the before/after pic how uneven it was, before attaching it.


At this point I forgot to take more pictures until the end 😦

I cut the cuff off the sleeve and took about a quarter off the sleeve it self. I gathered the sleeve along the length then sewed the cuff back on.

Then I sewed on the lace bow with a bright pink embroidery thread .


It was a little more work than I had planned, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s definitely an everyday top I’d be happy to be seen in public wearing now!


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