Jean Skirt – A First Attempt

When I saw this skirt on PinInterest, I knew I had to have one!

So I started with these two skirts purchased from the op-shop last week.


The denim skirt isn’t my length and the sheer one isn’t flattering around the hips and the elastic waistband makes it hard to pair with a top (I like a fitted top with a skirt), but I loved the pattern and I just had to have it! Besides, at $3, who in their right mind would say no!

So I chopped some length off the denim skirt. I wanted to chop more, but there are pockets on the back and I wasn’t in the mood for unpicking them. I’d definitely make the effort next time, I think a shorter denim part looks better.


Then I overlocked the edges, folded them back, ironed and pinned.


I put the denim skirt on to determine the length of the sheer part. You won’t see a photo of this – the skirt barely covered my butt – modesty fail! Then it was just a matter of marking the skirt before cutting.


The sheer skirt has two layers, so I overlocked the ends of those so that it was easier to work with. The skirt was basically a big rectangle with elastic at the top, so I had to gather it to fit the denim part. Then I pinned and sewed the two parts together.


At this point I could have done right sides together, pinned and sewed, but I wanted to keep the welt seam look.

And that’s about the thick of it! All for a whopping $7!!


Chuffed with the result! As I said above, the only thing I’d do differently next time would be to shorten the denim part. It’s nice and fitted on my hips while maintaining all of that lovely flow. Nice weather predicted for the coming weekend and I have daytime functions both days – so this one will definitely be making an appearance at one of those events!


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