A Top for Autumn – Another Knit Refashion

I feel like I’m actually making some headway getting through the box of clothes I have set aside for refashioning purposes! Go me! At this rate I might be able to partake in Me-Made-May after all!

The lighting in the two rooms with full length mirrors isn’t great for photography, so I’ll have to describe how awful the top was before I started hacking. It’s a size XL; I bought it while pregnant (from the op shop) thinking it would fit, but it’s shaped all wrong. The shoulders and bust are really huge and then it tapers in for the rest of the length – kind of the opposite of what you want when you’re 7 months pregnant! In addition to the weird shape, it had these  weird puffy sleeve thing happening at the cuff…

I set it aside for 2 years (oops) knowing I’d get around to fixing it up one day… until I found this top on PinInterest. So the original plan was to make something like that and I even found another knit top to make the plait…but it just wasn’t the right weight for something that fitted.

So I got out the scissors and chopped the top off, armhole to armhole


Then I turned it upside-down, folded it in half and marked in a neckline and sewed from the pin out to the side seam


Snip snip went the scissors as I cut out the armholes


At this point, it’s wearable, so I tried it on. It was a bit ‘flappy’ in the back so I added a pleat


I can’t pull off the midriff look (all you Mummas know what I mean!) so I added some length using the original sleeves. I marked and cut a large rectangle in one sleeve then used this to mark out the other


Opened out my rectangles and sewed the two ends together, making a large band


Then folded the band in half, right sides out and pinned it on…



…and sewed. It was as easy at that!







Another successful refashion…my luck is going to run out and I’m bound to have a total flop sooner or later!


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