Asymmetrical Top Take Two (tutorial)

I am absolutely loving the first asymmetrical top I created, so I thought I’d make another! I bought this jumper to attempt to make this top with the green jumper I actually made into this top. <<mouthful!

I also managed to find the video with the original idea. I’m not sure how to embed it in this post, so here is the link. I’m also doing a little tutorial, because sometimes it’s good to have a non-moving image to look at!

Your first move is to turn your jumper/sweater sideways and cut off an arm. This is your new neckline. You can cut it as wide and as deep as you prefer. It’s better to start small though (as I did) because you can always chop off more later.


Then trim off the other arm. Make this cut nice and wide, this will go over your hips.


At this point you can try on your top and adjust your neckline.


Next we’re going to add some length using the old sleeves. Cut off the cuff, then trim the sleeve to a long rectangle along the length of the sleeve. The bigger your hips, the bigger this rectangle needs to be.


Then cut your other sleeve using your other rectangle as a guide.


Place your rectangles one on top of the other, right sides together. Pin the shorter sides together and sew.


You should now have a big loop. Fold in half with the right sides out.


Pin your loop to the bottom of your top, right sides together and sew. If you’re not using an overlocker, you need to use a stretch stitch.


Your top should now look a bit like this:


Now I like to close in the larger armhole a bit. It just sits so much better when it’s done. You can pin the sides together and sew (straight stitch) straight up to your desired height…


…or you can opt for something a little different like I’ve done here:


I sewed through both front and back when attaching the buttons, closing in the armhole.

Then you just need to finish off your neckline. I used the same bronze coloured embroidery thread I used to attach the buttons. Just fold a narrow hem (0.5-1cm) over and zig zag all around.


And that’s it!


As you can see, I added some extra buttons to the front for decoration – and to hide the Ralph Loren logo!


Side buttons


From the left


From the right


What do you think of this one?


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