I’ve changed my mind for the trillionth time and decided to partake in Me-Made-May’13!

My pledge is to wear one article of self-made clothing each day for the duration of the month. I don’t have that much season-appropriate self-made clothing, but that just sounds like  a great excuse to get more sewing done this month!

So here is a bit of a to-do list to get me through:

  • Skirt refashion using: (View)
  • Shirt refashion using:
  • Knit refashion using (it’s black):
  • Skirt refashion using:

I’m also going to try to keep a record of what I wear each day and maybe I’ll post a weekly fashion diary?!


6 thoughts on “Me-Made-May’13

    • Funny you say that: the first skirt is grey, but it’s almost black; the shirt is blue and cream; the jumper is black (though covered in a substantial amount of lint) and the last skirt is actually green! They’re all taken on the same spot on the floor, though the floor is a completely different colour in each pic! Conclusion: I need a new camera and a photography course!

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