All Ruffled Up

This one was promised a few weeks ago back here, I finally managed to put A Storm of Swords down long enough to finish it off! No progress pictures I’m afraid, I’ve just done bits here and there and couldn’t really commit to the camera!

I started with this skirt


It was pretty boring, about a size and a half too big and way too long. I can wear a skirt will full length or cut above the knee, anything else looks ‘frumpy’?!

Then when I stumbled across this skirt on PinInterest (scroll down, it’s in the second post) I knew this was what I wanted to do, but not sure what to use for the ruffles…

So I dug into my scraps bag and found a handful of pieces left over from one of my first sewing projects. It was a simple cocktail dress with ‘ice’ coloured satin (polyester) and some fancy blossom fabric – which was later refashioned into a Burdastyle Jocelyn dress. Stay tuned, I’ve lost a lot of weight since then and that dress is collecting dust; crying out for a refashion!

Anyway… I cut a few inches off the length followed by a triangle. I kept the triangle cut out so I knew how much fabric I needed to replace. The ruffles were more work that I originally anticipated. I cut strips of fabric; each strip needed to have its edges overlocked and folded. I also hemmed each strip individually (what a stupid idea that was!)  then fanned the stripe and pinned everything in place. Then all of my strips needed to be joined, also painful! It probably wouldn’t have been so ad if I was using something a little more malleable, but the fabrics I had wouldn’t acquiesce to the iron!

Once I had my triangle of ruffles, I attached them the same way one would for reverse appliqué. Then I just did some zig zag stitch with embroidery thread to make it more prettiful and finished off the hem of the original skirt.

Voila! (This fabric, is temperamental; not only was it a pain to work with, it also doesn’t like being photographed!




I know it’s a bit quirky, but I like that! I also recognise that the stitching isn’t perfect, but I like that too!

…and you know what? I’m glad I hemmed each bit individually because there is this weird fan effect going on South of the blue hem stitching which I love!



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