My Beautiful Butterfly

This is one of the first refashions I did, made in haste for an evening event to which I had nothing to wear! Off to Vinnies I went to source an outfit…you can imagine the shock on my husband’s face when I returned with this very over-sized, unflattering, tent of a thing – especially when I pronounced that this was to form my outfit for the evening!

So why am I uploading now? Beth, aka The Renegade Seamstress, is hosting ‘Refashion Runway‘, anyone interested in participating is to submit two of their fave refashions. This little number is going to e one of my submissions.

The original had darts at the bust and in the back, so I worked around those to keep some shape. I took off the whole top and made facing pieces with the scraps, sewing the loop in the centre front for the halter to slide through. There is also small invisible zip in the back. I went for the asymmetrical hem, I think it’s flattering.

I loved this one so much, wore it very often and got so many compliments! It needs some altering now, I’ve lost a bit of weight and it no longer holds up around the bust 😦 I’m always looking for another Granny dress made of beautiful fabric to make another…

Butterfly Top - After

18 thoughts on “My Beautiful Butterfly

  1. Nice refashion! It’s always sad when something you like doesn’t fit anymore. Hopefully, it’ll be an easy fix and you can wear it again soon.

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