Jean Liposuction (and a sneak peek)

I had this pair of pants set aside to refashion into a bag (for myself this time), but realised that I’d have a heap of waste as I really only needed shorts. I’m also in desperate need of more wearable pants appropriate for the cold season. Unfortunately I got more than halfway through the project before I realised I hadn’t taken any photos 😦

My starter jeans were a size and a half too big, flared and very frayed at the ends. So I chopped off a few inches from the bottom then took them in either side. I had a go doing the inside out pin thing, but gave up after multiple stabbings and decided to use another pair of skinnies as a template. Having never made proper pants before (pyjamas don’t count) I was unaware that the back of the leg is wider than the front, so that made the inside out pinning quite fiddly too. Once that was sorted I sewed, overlocked, hemmed and ironed – none of which I took photos off. There are a zillion skinny jeans refashion tutorials out there, Google is your friend…

So once that was all done, I still had the issue of them being too big – I was having some serious plumber moments during the alteration process! I knew I had some wide elastic left over from some pyjamas I made some time ago. It was just a matter of pinning the centre of it to the centre back of my jeans and stretching it out while sewing it with a zigzag stitch. Easy Peasy. Well it was for me anyway – the belt tabs are all buttoned down so it was only a matter on unbuttoning the middle one.



Now they fit without a belt! Win!

I had meant to post a new refashion today, but I have a killer headache and I really can’t bring myself to deal with inserting a zipper right now! So this is what I started with, and you’ll have to wait a few days to see the rest!



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