Tablecloth Skirt to Dye For!

Bad pun…I know but I just couldn’t resist!

So Husband did a big garage clean up a few weeks back and found some not-so-lovely linen stashed away. I’m not sure where it came from (I know I didn’t buy it and we definitely had it before we were engaged/married – maybe Husband has a thing for ugly tablecloths?!) but I thought it would make a great skirt!

Unfortunately its time in the garage has left it a bit mouldy, but we’ll get back to that later.

I wanted to do a gathered skirt maintaining as much of the integrity of the original print as I could. I used the length of the tablecloth (minus the brown boarder at either end) and gathered it up to form the skirt. Then I used the two brown boarder bits to make a waistband. It was that easy!


The only colour zip I had left was this mint green one that was salvaged from something or other a while back. I think this is the first time I’ve sewn a fashion garment and not used an invisible zip! Pretty straight forward. I ended up doing a bit of sewing through my previously-mentioned headache and this project soothed it rather than building upon it!


I took some photos here of my semi-finished skirt:





Back to the mould bits. I could have left the skirt as is, except for the mouldy bits. They weren’t extremely obvious, but I knew about them and that was enough!


So I thought I’d try my hand at using a dye. It’s all the rage in my blog reader at the moment, why not give it a go? First I attacked the more obvious spots with some bleach and a cotton bud

I was hoping for a mint green to match the zip, but my brain is so full of phlegm I only bought green and plum forgot about the blue component. I was a bit worried about the greenness of it in the washing machine, but once it dried off I was quite happy with the colour. I don’t think I’ll worry about the teal…

The final product!

WP_20130623_002Finally thought ahead for once (and didn’t post a project as soon as I’d stopped sewing!) and got hubby to take a shot of me actually wearing my new skirt! As you can see from this pic, I neglected to interface, so the waistband is a bit scrunched. That’s about the only thing I’m unhappy with, apart from that dorky facial expression! Can’t wait to get more use out of this one!


10 thoughts on “Tablecloth Skirt to Dye For!

    • Thank you! I’m so glad I can follow your projects in the blog now! I must say, it is one of the cleanest, most organised blogs I’ve come across too 🙂

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