Trying to Curb My Excitement…

…about my latest finds!

I read a post some time back over at Miss. P, where the talentedPortia refashioned a chambray shirt. If you haven’t seen her blog before you totally need to go over there and check it out – she’s always got awesome stuff going on over there! Anyway, her refashion reminded me of my old work clothes I had piled up in the top of my wardrobe! Jackpot!

I found 4 chambray shirts; two reasonably fitted and two jumbo maternity-sized mammas:


And a navy woolly jumper:


So for two of the shirts I’m thinking of jumping on board with the shirt-dress trend, not sure about the others just yet. I know I need a nice, fitted blouse to go with all of the skirts I own…  Any other ideas? Then I think I’d like to convert the woolly jumper into a buttoned cardigan to make it a little less workish.

But wait, there’s more!

I found another woolly jumper on the rack at the local Salvo’s store this morning while building up my zipper stash. Just to clarify, the reason I’m excited about woolly jumpers is the 100% wool factor, none of this acrylic rubbish! What does a woollen jumper set you back these days? I have no idea, I can never find any! Back to the jumper – I think I’ll cardiganise (oh yes, new word!) it too unless any of my lovely readers would like to make a suggestion?




My zipper stash! Found a whole box of these babies in the corner of the shop priced from 20c to $3 depending on length. The lady at the counter obviously recognised the gigantic measuring/counting feat ahead of her and gave me a flat price of 25c per zip! Bit of a saving compared to the $3.50 I paid for one at Spotlight!

And now for something a little less exciting, quite the opposite in fact. I made this skirt as part of a pencil skirt challenge for the online sewing group I’m in.


It’s a modified version of the free Burdastyle Kasia pattern. The fabric is some sort of knit with the pattern painted(?) on. I say painted because the fabric is white on the other side and you can see more white from the front when you stretch it out. I largely over-estimated the quality of this fabric, it doesn’t hold it’s form at all thus revealing every bit of my less-than-supermodel figure 😦 As is, it’s totally unwearable, but I’m just in love with how it looks on my dress form – minus the waistband facing. I have a solution, but it’s no quick fix. I’m going to have to create another pencil skirt using a fabric with a little more body and use it as a lining. It’s going to involve taking off the waistband and unpicking part of the zipper in addition to the drafting/cutting/construction of the new skirt… arghh, so annoying!  Please leave a comment below if you can see another way forward.

Well I guess that’s a little taste of what I’ll be working on the next few weeks, I hope I’ll have more completed projects to show you soon!

(As always I’ll come back to this post and link back to the finished projects.)


5 thoughts on “Trying to Curb My Excitement…

  1. I’m in love with the skirt too! I think you’re right, and will have to line it. Good job on the zippers! I love a steal like that! I can’t wait to see what you do with your old work clothes! I love it when you hack something up and transform it!

    I’m about to make some little boy clothes inspired by Huck Finn & Tom Sawyer. The outfits aren’t that spectacular, but im hoping for an amazing photoshoot. It’s hard for me to make everyday clothes..I have the costuming background so I struggle not to do too much lol.

  2. This pencil skirt really caught my eye. I can see the vision you had when you bought this fabric. I love the color and pattern and the pocket detail. I agree the fabric is not the right weight. What if you found something firmer with cross stretch that would take some pressing to give a more tailored look.? I stand by my opinion that this is a great skirt. Sometime I just have to fold ’em when thinCan’t wait to see end result.

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