Refashioning the 60s

Last post I mentioned that I’d taken part in a refashion/60s challenge, where the entry could be a refashioned garment, a 60s garment or a refashioned 60s garment!

Right from the start I knew I wanted the blue dress from this 1960 Butterick pattern…


…but not in blue. I had a vintage sheet in mind – I call it vintage because it came from my Mother-In-Law who is herself vintage, therefore the sheet is at least vintage by association right? It was a double sheet given to us for a sofa bed which we no longer have. Unfortunately I got cutting before I took a photo, so this is one of the matching pillow cases.


So I had the pattern idea, I had the fabric…then along came the occasion! My Auntie had a Hollywood themed party! What better excuse to bust out some vintage fashion! The problem? I decided to start sewing this outfit at 4:30pm on Friday afternoon, knowing that I was going out to dinner that evening and that I was engaged all day Saturday before the party Saturday evening! Whoops! Did I also mention that I didn’t have a pattern?

I made the dress on my dress form from start to finish, first time I’d ever attempted something like that! First part was the bodice. I was going for something like this number Audrey Hepburn wore in Love in the Afternoon (1957). Technically not 1960s, but meh.


So much pinning! The skirt was just a big rectangle, gathered at the top. There is a side sip under the armhole. Unfortunately I was so rushed that I didn’t get many progress shots and the ones I did take have gone missing!

So this is it!




It’s a shame it will have to gather dust in my wardrobe until another fancy dress party comes along! It was super comfy, I think the sheet was brushed cotton or something similar. It was so soft and had a silky feel to it! Maybe I should may some PJs with the remaining scrap and the two pillow cases – problem is I’ll probably never take them off!

24 thoughts on “Refashioning the 60s

  1. Oh my gosh! Wow! Great job! 🙂 I’m not a big fan of using patterns (I have issues with following the directions apparently), but I don’t know if I could do what you did start to finish on my dress form! AMAZING!
    Have you ever thought of trying out for the Refashion Runway Competition? I’d love to see you on Season Three!!! (hint hint) 😉
    Have a great day!

    • I’m not great with following directions either, but I do like having the pre-sized pieces to work with! This one wasn’t too difficult. The bodice started as two big squares, I did the neckline first then everything else evolved from that.
      I don’t have the time to commit to Refashion Runway at the moment 😦 I did apply for the first season, but I missed out.

  2. that’s a nice dress and Audrey would wear it for sure!
    I love to sew with old bed sheets! Nice patterns and soft fabrics, usually!
    PS: does your Mother-In-Law knows to be called vintage? LOL
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper

  3. Beautiful dress! I’d throw it on with a denim jacket and boots to dress it down a bit. It’s a shame to leave a dress like that in the closet until the next fancy event!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments! We’re in Spring here, so I’m hoping for a cooler day to wear this with a jacket, otherwise I might have to wait until after Summer..

  4. This dress is beautiful. I too have been wearing lots of 50s and 60s inspired fashions of late. you don’t need an occasion, just wear them and enjoy. The first couple of times I wore my dresses i felt a bit conspicuous but I got so many compliments and soon got past that feeling. Wear it with pride. It is a pale colour so won’t be too “in your face”, my favourite dress is red. 😉 I love refashioning vintage sheets as the quality of the fabric is sooooo lovely. I wear my black checked version to work. I am now seeing lots of similar styles on others too. it makes me smile. GO FOR IT.

    • Thank you. I’ve worn it once since that original occasion. I wore it with boots and denim jacket like someone suggested. I might wear it again, just with thongs and see how that goes! Do you have a blog where I can see your creations?

  5. This refashion is fantastic – serious WOW factor! Loved the shape of the armhole Can’t believe I haven’t encountered your blog until now. Thank you for sharing.

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