Latest Christmas Sewing

I clearly chose the wrong time to start a sewing series! Between going on holidays and getting ready for Christmas, I’ve had barely any time to sew!

I’ve got all of my Christmas shopping done (thank-you internet shopping) and just finalising my Christmas sewing. I’ve still got to make some cute Christmas skirts for my girls to wear on Christmas day (refashioned from an old tablecloth so they’ll be getting posted), but I just wanted to share my latest completed project(s).

Pyjama Monsters!


I found these on Pinterest (I think) when looking for ‘homemade gifts for children’. They sit on the bed and ‘eat’ pyjamas during the day and kindly spit them back out at bedtime! Great idea for us, we’re always losing pyjamas!

I made these from the picture. The body, arms and legs are filled with beans. The face is the cavity which holds the pyjamas, this is completely separate from where the beans are. I’m tremendously happy with these little guys and I know my girls will just love them!

Stay tuned! I’ll be getting back into my reWorking the Workwear series soon. I’m working on my old maternity pants. I hit a brick wall when I realised I didn’t have enough fabric for capris due to the big fat belly pouch at the front – but I had a brilliant idea during my singing lesson so it’s all guns blazing again…once I’ve finished my Christmas sewing that is!


4 thoughts on “Latest Christmas Sewing

    • My only advice would be to use a normal dress zip. The chunky one was really hard to sew into the seam! Other than that they are really fun to make. I particularly liked not having the pattern because I had to think about the pieces and how they would sew together – I think that’s the engineer in me!

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