Cargo Skirt Procastination

Wowee! How long has it been since I’ve done a blog post, or checked my blog reader for that matter (600+ unread posts, that’s going to take a while to sift through!) So where have I been? Well things got pretty busy over Christmas, and by busy I mean that we had a week just relaxing, eating lobster, drinking wine etc by the beach…Then after that I just lost my sewing mojo. I’ve told you about my erraticness (word!) before, right? Basically I throw myself into something until I find something else. For a good part of last year that activity was sewing, now it’s work and school. I still plan on doing my workwear to refashions, might just be a month or so before I get back into that.

So nothing to exciting to show today. Just a little skirt I made from an old pair of cargo pants – can’t believe I actually used to wear these out! What was I thinking! I have a course all of next week which I really should be studying/preparing for, but I just needed a break and a quick project to de-stress. For some reason I find the whirrr of my machine soothing…crazy, right?

No progress pics as I hadn’t originally planned to do a blog post when I started sewing this morning, but I took a few shots at the end which kind of show how I did it.

Centre front seam (top):


Centre front seam (bottom):



Inner front seam:


Inner back seam:


The finished product:


Not bad for a spur of the moment sewing procastination session AND I’ll be able to wear it while I’m away for my course 🙂


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