Going Green: Contrast Top

It’s been a while (I even got booted from Re-fashion co-op because I forgot to post over there too!), but I’m happy to say I’ve got a few things coming along soon. I’ve re-caught my sewing bug and I’m going on a refashion rampage to try bust some of my stash!

My two starter pieces:
– My husband’s shirt (I told him I would not be seen with him wearing it, hence it has not been worn since we’ve been together.
– Old jacket of mine with bleach stains. The whole bleach stain thing is kind of arty, but this isn’t my everyday wearing type of jacket.

I kicked the process off by removing the front pocket and dying the shirt. The whole brown/cream thing is a bit bland so a green change was in order.

Next it was deconstruction time. My jacket already fit and the shirt isn’t overly huge so I didn’t want to waste any material by chopping through seams.

I detached the yoke and collar from the rest of the jacket.

Then I detached the sleeves from the shirt.

I measured how much of the shirt I needed to keep with the existing jacket pieces. If you’re using big starting pieces, the easiest way to determine the cutting line is to keep the armhole the same size of an existing well-fitted top/shirt.

Then finally…it’s sewing time. I gathered the top of the large shirt to match the jacket yoke, then sewed the two pieces together. A bit of over-locking and top stitching and my new top was complete!

The green didn’t show up great in the pic, it’s night and the light kind of messes with colours a bit…

It’s been fun getting into some sewing and blogging again! I’ve got a skirt coming; it’s all done but I’m waiting on an occasion to wear it before I post 🙂

PS – sorry about the photo size. I used to scale all of my photos through Wordpess, but looks like I’ll need to make more of an effort to do that with photo editing now that everything has changed on me!


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