Want More to See More Refashions?

Here are a few of my favourite refashion and DIY clothing blogs and what I love about them.

Moda E Dicas De Costura (Fashion & Sewing Tips)

Where to begin! This woman is fabulous! There are heaps of awesome refashions (checkout all the things she’s made with jeans!) but there are also heaps of DIY pattern drafting ideas for your perusing pleasure!


Second Chances by Susan

I love that this blog isn’t limited to refashioning clothes. She’s got everything from bench seats to pocket watche necklaces! And her stuff is so good it’s been published in magazines and stuff!

second chances

The Bum & Bored Project

I’m really bummed this chick hasn’t posted for while because she is a really really talented refashionista with a great idea for the potential of some really daggy clothes!

bum & bored

Trash to Couture

The blog name really says it all. The projects here are shmancy! The blog is loaded with tutorials so you can make these fine garments at home. Even better, you can submit your own projects with the opportunity of having them featured on the site.

trash to couture


I love the sense of style here. I’m going to call it a ‘relaxed elegance’ and leave it at that!



The gal knows how make big changes in small ways. Her refashions demonstrate that you don’t always need to spend hours and hours ripping/cutting/sewing/dyeing – or maybe she’s just so talented it looks effortless! Check out this dress she made from a pair of baggy pants and you’ll see what I mean!


Carissa Knits

Carissa’s style is the opposite that of the Refashionista, she makes big changes in big ways (but still makes it look completely effortless). Her refashions demonstrate sewing and drafting prowess and the finishes are always perfect!




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