Simple Peplum Refashion

I have a wedding on the weekend and I despertaely needed something to wear. I had a dress in the making that only needed a zip put in and then to be hemmed. All was going well until I tried it on and realised it was a size too small! Gah! So two days out from this wedding and I was totally outfitless!

I’m not a big spender on nice clothes, mostly because I make any formal-ish type dresses myself. This is the first time in I don’t know how long (probably a good number of years) that I’ve actually bought a brand new outfit aside from the usual knit singlet Summer staples.

Out local shopping centre has just put in an ICE store – no, you can’t buy crack there, but they do have some alright items on offer. I found this skirt:

…and fell in love with it straight away. I also found this peplum top:
top…which is was only ‘so-so’ about. It needed work.

Firstly, I didn’t like the bright white, I thought an ivory would be more elegant (plus I already have some awesome ivory heels!). I went searching for an easy way to soften bright whites and found a few tutorials on how to dye whites with tea. Perfect. I only used one tea bag of Earl Grey in about 3L of water which I left my top in for about 30 minutes. Then it goes straight into the dryer without rinsing. The result?


Perfect! (That’s darlink husbands bright white shirt for comparison)

I also wanted to try glam it up a little bit, this is a wedding after all! Pinterest to the rescue – tiny ribbon bows made on a fork! Couldn’t be easier! Just pin in place…


…and sew on! Too easy!



The final outfit looked a little something like this:


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